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Dog Obedience Training Lebanon OH

At Train Your Pup, we believe that you and your canine can form a strong bond that is focused on trust, and not fear. This is why our training methods in our classes are intended to provide guidance on discipline, boundaries, behavior, expectations, and the importance of mental & physical stimulation. Our classes come in many shapes and sizing, including one-on-one training, group classes, doggy day care, and much more! We make sure that your dog is comfortable in their class, so that they will form a foundation of obedience and friendship that lasts a lifetime.

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Puppy Training & Obedience Classes in Lebanon

Here at Train Your Pup, we make puppy training & obedience classes fun by focusing on socialization, crate training, house breaking, and basic obedience through refreshing, logical, and fun approaches! We believe that the best way to ensure your dog establishes positive habits is through an early training regimen, which we can provide!

An early start at Train Your Pup's Enrichment Center will not only socialize your puppy, but we will also help you give your puppy the tools to learn. We believe that it is imperative that puppies learn how to learn, this way as adult dogs they have the solid obedience foundation and the impulse control to become valuable members of the family. It is well known that an early start in these areas is crucial to the fundamental building blocks of canine development.

Our goal is for every owner to give their pup the tools to problem solve and have the ability to learn new things. This might sound like a strange philosophy, but many adult dogs do not have the ability to problem solve or learn new things because they were never taught to learn as a puppy. This is where the phrase "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" originated.

Here are just a few things our classes focus on:

  • Play biting
  • Potty Training/Housebreaking
  • Proper leash etiquette
  • Crate Training
  • Greeting new dogs and people
  • Sit, down, and stay commands
  • Focusing on handler
  • Cooperation during grooming

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training Lebanon OH

Some of the most common complaints owners have about their dogs are: jumping, pulling, and not listening. No matter what your end goal may be, Train Your Pup can help you achieve your goal.

In most cases, new students will be placed into the beginner course to ensure appropriate timing and communication. Once the owner feels comfortable, Train Your Pup trainers will recommend either advanced obedience or the enrichment course. No matter what the class you choose, both you and your dog will be challenged.

Advanced obedience classes will challenge the owner and handler to achieve both the community canine and urban canine award:

  • Walking through crowds
  • Extended stays during distractions
  • Sitting for petting
  • Recall during distractions
  • Leaving a variety of distractions

Dog Obedience Training Lebanon OH

We believe our obedience course is essential for communication and avoiding behavioral problems. Train Your Pup has a foundation in positive reinforcement techniques so your beloved fur child will be rewarded for pleasing his or her family.

Classes do not focus on receiving titles, but rather developing a well behaved and socialized member of the family Canine Good Citizen award are merely an added bonus.

Testimonials About Our Dog Obedience Training Services:

Danielle is an amazing trainer. She certainly has the technical expertise when it comes to training, but I think what sets her apart is her love for her furry subjects! I have yet to see a trainer so focused and technically savvy and yet so emotionally involved in the dog's well-being. She won't mince her words when it comes to correcting behavior - both the dog and the owners! Your dog is in the best hands possible with Danielle! Mutka and Millie Rating: Five Paw Rating
Danielle is amazing! Her common sense & consistent approach to dog training is right on point & the results are even more impressive. When at four months, our puppy could "sit," "down" & "leave it," it made managing him so much easier & also impressed our family and friends that a dog so young could have that kind of self control. Hiring Train Your Pup has been one of the best investments we could have made for our puppy & our family. Ann and Cooper Rating: Five Paw Rating
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