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Puppy Training Westchester OH

Here at Train Your Pup, we believe that the greatest bond you make with your dog is based on trust - not fear. Our methods of dog training are designed to help provide your canine with discipline, boundaries, behavior improvement, expectations, and physical & mental stimulation.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for at-home training, one-on-one training, group classes, or doggy day care - our team of trainers can help you create a strong foundation of obedience that will last a lifetime.

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To ensure each dog and handler get the best out of each class we ask you to contact us to determine which class is best, as well as ensure that our training philosophies are compatible. After you have spoken to one of our trainers, then we will send you a link to sign up for class. Class sign up is done securely through square.

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Puppy Training Services For Dogs Near Westchester OH

Puppy Training Westchester OH

An ill-behaved dog can put unnecessary stress on a family. In extreme cases, owners even feel that they must give up their pet. In many situations, owners do not understand the reason behind those behaviors or how to fix them. Our techniques can positively identify the root cause of many problematic dog behaviors.

Instruction will begin in the home with minimal distractions so you can practice your timing. Distractions will be added gradually so you and your dog will be more successful. Sessions will take place in the home, park, veterinarian hospitals, pet stores, etc.

Just a few behaviors we can help you with:

  • Dog aggression
  • Counter surfing
  • Excessive energy
  • Fear-based behaviors
  • Excessive or inappropriate barking
  • Attention seeking behaviors
  • Resource guarding
  • Spoiled dog syndrome

The first step to helping you and your dog is a consultation with our Certified Professional Dog Trainer Danielle O'Neill. During our home visit, Danielle will assess your dog's behavior and discuss each problem in detail. We will evaluate the behaviors and their impact on each member of the family (human and other pets). Next, we'll create a comprehensive, customized behavioral modification plan. Just like every person doesn't learn the same, nor do dogs. We are able to put a timeline on how long it will take to achieve your goal due to the severity of problems and handler ability. Although our primary belief is based on positive reinforcement training methods we have many techniques to help customize a solution to fit almost any canine problem.

Puppy Training Classes

Train Your Pup takes a refreshing, logical, and fun approach to puppy training classes. We believe that an early training regimen is the best way to ensure that your dog establishes good habits and behaviors.

Here are just a few things our classes focus on:

  • Play biting
  • Potty Training/Housebreaking
  • Proper leash etiquette
  • Crate Training
  • Greeting new dogs and people
  • Sit, down, and stay commands
  • Focusing on handler
  • Cooperation during grooming

Doggy Day Care near Westchester OH

Puppy Training Westchester OH

Many dog daycare facilities have a large number of dogs, which can be overwhelming for dogs and nerve-racking for owners. Train Your Pup's daycare averages 20 dogs per day which is less stressful on the dogs and allows staff members to develop a relationship with each dog.

Not only do we offer Monday through Friday day care, but also Saturday playtime. Due to the demanding schedule of many pet owners, our Saturday playtime is great for busy pet parents. Owners can take kids to games, grocery shop chauffeur, or simply enjoy a movie without feeling guilty about leaving their beloved fur child alone.

There has been a recent popularity with dog owners wanting to spay/neuter their dogs until a year or older, and we allow these unfixed dogs on certain days. Many other dog day care facilities don't allow any unfixed dogs over 6 months to attend, but they don't realize these dogs are missing out on crucial socialization time! Unfixed dogs will still be given a behavioral evaluation to ensure that their behavior doesn't affect or influence the play groups. Unfixed males and females will never be allowed to attend on the same day.

Testimonials About Our Puppy Training Services:

Ann & Cooper

Danielle is amazing! Her common sense and consistent approach to dog training is right on point and the results are even more impressive. When at four months, our puppy could "sit" and "down" and "leave it," it made managing him so much easier and also impressed our family and friends that a dog so young could have that kind of self control. Hiring Danielle and Train Your Pup has been one of the best investments we could have made for our puppy and our family.

Erica and Isabel

Our family has been working with Danielle for about 5 months now and the transformation is unbelievable. Most of our pack behaviors were from our own behaviors and lack of discipline. We've gone from a family in chaos on the brink of trying to re-home one of our beloved fur babies, to a calm happy home environment & it's all because of Danielle! Now I'm ready for Danielle to turn Isabel into a disc dog!

For effective puppy training services in the Dayton or Westchester OH area, contact us today! Schedule your consultation and see why many dog owners have chosen Train Your Pup for their furry best friends. They deserve the best, and we can give it to them!

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