Our Trainers

Danielle O’Neill - Head Trainer - Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Danielle O’Neill, better known as the Doggie Life Coach, began her training career as a horse trainer 20 years ago. After achieving Riding Master VI from Meredith Manor Riding Academy, she started her own horse training business in Texas. It was at that time when she first started training dogs, and just like with horses, this came naturally.

After making the difficult decision of retiring from the horse industry, Danielle decided to go back to school to finish her Bachelor's degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. There she graduated with honors where her senior thesis was based on the behavioral development and effects of stress on canines. The next step in Danielle’s Professional dog training career was leading group training classes where she worked with 500 dogs and handlers. Danielle also spent two years as a Veterinarian Assistant which gave her a better understanding of the medical related issues in relation to behavioral problems.

Since living in Ohio, Danielle has helped countless dogs and handlers with behavioral issues. Many of the families she has worked with did not feel comfortable leaving the house with their dog or having people over. Now many are thriving and healthy living a happy, furry life.

Danielle has also spent many years competing with herding breeds around the country for both competition, entertainment, and charity events. She is the proud owner of a pack of Border Collies, a Brittany Spaniel, and a Dutch Shepherd. All are members of the family and happen to be accomplished performers or vital member of the geese management business. She is also an active member of the rescue community helping other high drive dogs in need.

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer – CCPDT-KSA
  • Author of “Causes and Effects of Canine Stress in Animal Shelters: Changing the Lives of Canines in Today’s Animal Shelters
  • Certified Professional Dog TrainerAKC C.G.C. & S.T.A.R.R. Evaluator

Ashley Wendler - Trainer - Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Kennel Master Wright Patterson Air Force K9 Unit 

Ashley was in the United States Air Force for 7 years and this is where she found her love for training and handling dogs. Her career started as a military police officer in 2010 and she was deployed to Iraq in 2011.   At that time she first came in contact with military working dogs and their handlers. She watched handlers and their dogs go on patrols to help protect their fellow soldier’s.  By observing the bond between dog and handler and by experiencing the importance of that interaction Ashley knew this was the job for her!   


When Ashley returned from deployment to Ramstein Air Base in Germany she immediately began her journey to embark on the dog handling career. In 2013 Ashley attended Military Working Dog Handlers course at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Upon graduation in May of 2013, she returned to Ramstein where she picked up her first dog Nira, a 2 year old German shepherd right out of K9 Training School. By August of 2013 Ashley and Nira attended deployment training, and in September they were deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 


After returning from Kuwait Ashley then moved to Florida where she worked her second and third partners, a 3 year old German shepherd, Alex and a 2 year old Belgian Malinois, Lord. While stationed at MacDill Air Force Base, Ashley was afforded the great opportunity to attend the Kennel Master/Trainer Course where she became certified to teach and lead k9/handler teams under her command.  

In July of 2016, Ashley found herself in Ohio where she continues her career as a Military Working Dog Handler with her 2 year old Belgian Malinois, Wiktor. She is also the kennel trainer where she prepares and advances K9/handler teams for daily missions and deployments. Ashley was a volunteer at SICSA animal shelter where she is a member of their MOD Squad and assists them in training dogs that have showed to have mild problem behaviors. 

Since joining the Train Your Pup family Ashley's canine resume has grown even more. Not only has Ashley created a nose work program at Train Your Pup, but she is also a certified judge.  She also travels regularly with our sister  company Team Zoom Canine entertainment performing at a multiple of venues with her personal dogs. 


Greg Wagner - Trainer - Certified Professional Dog Trainer

AKC GCG, S.T.A.R.R. Evaluator

Greg started off in the Property Management field. During that time, he would use his Border Collies to humanely deter geese from the properties he managed. When his company downsized, Greg decided to start his own goose management company. Stalk and Awe Geese Management, LLC is now a successful goose management company in Dayton and the surrounding areas.

Stalk and Awe Geese Management, LLC uses highly trained Border Collies to control the goose population on multiple properties, and these dogs are trained by Greg. Not only does Greg train herding dogs, but he is also multi-time world qualifier in canine Frisbee. Another dog passion Greg has is working and training with hunting dogs. 

Greg’s role with Train Your Pup is teaching the puppy and beginner classes. His patience and understanding of how to create a bond between handler and dog make him ideal for this position. Greg loves to find new and fun ways to encourage young dogs.



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