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Train Your Pup is Dayton, Ohio's most qualified at-home dog training service.

Train Your Pup's at home dog training can be extremely beneficial for families that prefer lessons in their home. If weekly group dog training classes are not for you because your schedule does not allow for it, your dog has undesirable behavior(s) that are home-related, or you feel that your dog is too aggressive or shy to go to a training facility - private one-on-one training can help prevent and resolve behavioral issues.

Train Your Pup is Dayton's leading provider of one-on-one at-home dog training.

A common misconception about at-home dog training is that your dog will not receive the proper socialization he or she needs. At Train Your Pup we strongly believe in socialization for the life of your pet. We will visit parks, veterinarian hospitals, pet stores, etc. The dogs we use for canine socialization are friendly and have received the AKC good citizen award.

Just a few examples of what your pet can achieve with at-home dog training services:

  • Puppy Training
  • Beginner to Advanced Dog Obedience
  • Crate Training
  • House Breaking
  • Leash Manners
  • Stopping Jumping Up
  • Managing Excessive Energy
  • Therapy or Service Dog Preparation
  • Clicker Training
  • Disc Dog Training
  • Off Leash Recall
  • Trick Training
  • Rescue Dog Rehabilitation
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety
  • Stopping Fear-Based Behaviors
  • Ending Aggressive Behavior Toward Dogs or People

Train Your Pup can help you and your fur child, so please contact us via email or phone. After that, you need to answer a few questions. The purpose of the questionnaire is to better understand your desired outcome and bring to the surface any issues you and your pup may have. After careful review a consultation can be scheduled to meet you and all the members (human and animal) of your family. This consultation can take up to 3 hours---we like to be thorough.

Coming to your home is vital it helps gain an understanding of the dog's living space and his or her daily routine. Meeting everyone in the family is crucial; it helps determine how the dog interprets each individual's body language. Not only is each individual's body language important, but so is how they interact and communicate with the dog.

The questionnaire along with the consultation will help determine the correct program and the course of action best suited for you and your dog.

Our trainers will always be available to you between sessions.

All clients that purchase a package will have the benefit of phone and email communication with a licensed trainer. This support is available as long as you have unused sessions. If you choose to discontinue training sessions, you may purchase phone or email support to supplement your training.

Learn About General Obedience

Contact our experienced trainer to schedule an in-home assessment today. We offer general at-home training for dogs in Dayton, Centerville, Bellbrook, Springboro, Lebanon, and the surrounding areas in Ohio.
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