Canine Nose Work Classes

Canine Nose Work - Train Your Pup - sassy-searches-helmetCanine Scent Detection Classes in Dayton, Ohio taught by our areas leading instructor, Wright Patterson Air Force Base canine trainer. 

For decades our military and first responders have relied on their canine partners noses to assist with finding explosives, narcotic detection, and search & rescue.  Dogs are even being trained now to detect diabetic episodes, deadly allergies, and even cancer. The inspiration for the sport of canine nose work stemmed from these real world applications.

The relationship between dog and handler in key when detecting any scent. Our experienced K9 handler will show you how important it is to trust in your dog’s natural abilities. During K9 Nose work at Train Your Pup we give you a fun and exciting way to stimulate your dog’s brain and challenge your dog to go above and beyond for you.

Once your dog learns the scent we will expand their search abilities to box searches, interior searches, exterior searches and vehicle searches with more indebt hides. If that is still not enough excitement for you and your dog, we will also offer competition classes and preparation so you can show off your dog’s awesome skills.

Our nose work instructor Ashley Albright has been a military working dog handler for 4 years.  She has been deployed twice and is currently the Kennel Trainer at Wright Patt Air Force Base.  Her military experiences paired with positive reinforcement techniques will be sure to better the bond between you and your dog.

Certificates received from Lackland AFB, Texas:

Military Working Dog Handler Course

Working Dog Kennel Master Course

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