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Train You Pup offers the greater Dayton area with a board and train program that is customized to your dogs needs.

Most board and train programs utilize shock collars to force dogs into behaviors. Train Your Pup is a positive reinforcement training facility.  This means no shock, prong, or choker collars. 

Train Your Pup’s board and train program is performed by multiple certified trainers in a variety of situations.  This way it is more likely that the dog does not revert back to unwanted behaviors. 

This program is designed for the family who wants an experienced dog trainer to take the lead in training. Our 7 day program starts with a short consultation in the home to discuss the problems and desired outcomes. After seven days at the Train Your Pup facility owner will receive two private sessions with the lead trainer.  

Our instructors will work with your dog at home, parks, veterinarian hospitals, pet stores; wherever issues might occur.

Detailed training notes will be taken for each training session. Not only will your dog receive training, but will also have an opportunity to play in daycare everyday.  

You and your pup can benefit from our experience. Be it for obedience, aggression, anxiety or other unwanted behaviors, our positive training methods will help all members of your family achieve the goal of a harmonious and happy household.

Day Camp is a program designed for puppy and adult dogs in the need of general obedience. 

Day Camp is a program where you would drop-off your dog daily for 4 training or splash sessions  (you can mix and match the amounts) and daycare.  This is a perfect program if you want to get your dog started with appropriate behaviors in a positive and fun environment.  This is also a great program for your dog to learn to swim or dock dive.

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