Train Your Pup Grooming 


Train Your Pup offers a one on one grooming experience in a spacious spa environment free of distractions and stressful noises. Each groom also comes with a free day of daycare, walk, or swim on the day of appointment!


Grooming is important to the health of all breeds of dogs, keep their feet healthy with a pedicure (nail trim/ filing), keep they're coat looking it's best with our top of the line shampoos with a variety for dogs with sensitivities, conditions, or if they're just plain dirty. Each groom/bath also has a ear cleaning/ plucking to ensure the ear canal is free of debris and excessive hair.


We can assure you that your dog will receive the best treatment and have a positive experience in our Salon.


Services offered include the following:


  • Nail trimming/grinding
  • Bath, blow out, and brush
  • Maintenance grooming
  • Full grooming


Book a dog-grooming appointment by calling  1-937-938-6641 ext 4. 





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