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Train Your Pup's certified professional dog trainer provides in-home relief for families in the greater Dayton area living with dogs that possess aggressive behaviors, such as resource guarding, dog aggression, and food aggression.

Dog aggression is any behavior that is meant to hurt or intimidate a person or animal. Although aggression in dogs is considered a normal behavior, these behaviors are highly undesirable to their owners.

As a matter of fact, aggression in dogs is the number one reason that pet parents seek out professional help. A common misconception about aggressive dogs is that it is breed-specific. This is simply not true - every dog is capable of aggression and causing equal amounts of harm.

Since dogs and humans communicate differently, many aggressive behaviors are misunderstood. Many owners believe that dogs just “fly off the handle”. This is not true; every dog gives warning signs before they become aggressive. A perfect example of this is seen in inter dog aggression; the dog that is often seen as the aggressor is actually the recipient of torment, and is merely defending him or herself.

The first step in aggressive dog training is to properly identify the root of the problem.

Through careful observation I will be able to identify the aggressive triggers. I will also teach you to identify these warning signs and instruct you on how to handle these situations.

Dogs are beloved members of the family, so parents often ignore aggression problems hoping their dog will grow out of it. When the first sign of aggression is seen in your dog, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out any physical ailments. True dog aggression escalates with age; the sooner you seek help with your dog’s aggression the faster you and your dog can have a more harmonious life.

A common consequence of aggression is that families stop taking their dogs places and no longer feel safe entertaining. Unfortunately, many dogs that are fearful are often misdiagnosed and labeled “aggressive.” Keeping them under lock and key will do nothing to resolve the problem.

Train Your Pup’s dog aggression training is designed for dogs who openly display aggression towards other dogs or people.

If your dog lunges, bites, or aggressively barks at other dogs or people - we can help. Regardless of why your dog is displaying aggressive behaviors, our program emphasizes giving the handler the skills to control their pet in stressful situations, building confidence in the dog to decrease the aggressive tendencies, and strict behavioral modification to ensure that your dog does not feel that violence is ever necessary.

Different types of aggression:

  • Fear-based aggression
  • Dominate aggression
  • Territorial/overprotective aggression
  • Punishment aggression
  • Pain aggression
  • Possessive aggression
  • Predatory aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • Maternal aggression
  • Redirected aggression

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