Puppy Foundation and Socialization 

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Puppy training classes for the greater Dayton, OH area that focus on socialization, basic obedience, crate training, and house breaking.

Train Your Pup takes a refreshing, logical, and fun approach to puppy training classes. We believe that an early training regimen is the best way to ensure that your dog establishes good habits and behaviors.

This program is not only intended to help with house breaking and play biting, but also for puppies to become socialized in a positive and fun environment. Train Your Pup's puppy courses will teach you enjoyable and effective training techniques that all family members can enjoy.

Here are just a few things our classes focus on:

  • Play biting
  • Potty Training/Housebreaking
  • Crate Training
  • Focusing on handler
  • Cooperation during grooming

An early start at Train Your Pup’s Enrichment Center will not only socialize your puppy, but we will also help you give your puppy the tools to learn. We believe that it is imperative that puppies learn how to learn, this way as adult dogs they have the solid obedience foundation and the impulse control to become valuable members of the family. It is well known that an early start in these areas is crucial to the fundamental building blocks of canine development.

Our goal is for every owner to give their pup the tools to problem solve and have the ability to learn new things. This might sound like a strange philosophy, but many adult dogs do not have the ability to problem solve or learn new things because they were never taught to learn as a puppy. This is where the phrase “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” originated.

Here at Train Your Pup we are passionate about inspiring each puppy to enjoy training. Each lesson plan not only will focus on training, but also a varying amount of stimulation and socialization in a fun environment. A majority of owner complaints stem from lack of socialization. Many behavioral issues in adult dogs could have been avoided by proper socialization and proper puppy training classes.

We will provide you the tools and guidance to help your puppy grow into a well behaved, confident and social dog. Not only will we help train your new fur child, but we offer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Award. This is an AKC program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. The next step is the illustrious Canine Good Citizen Award!

Contact us to enroll today! Spaces are filling fast.

To ensure each dog and handler get the best out of each class we ask you to contact us to determine which class is best, as well as ensure that our training philosophies are compatible. After you have spoken to one of our trainers then we will send you a link to sign up for class. Class sign up is done securely through our online portal.

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Class size is limited and classes often fill a minimum of 2 weeks before the start date. If you have any issues with your dog or would like to discuss expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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